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Webinar – Applications of Algal Technologies in Sewage Treatment

Date, time & venue

2021-03-11;6:30-8:00pm;Online via zoom

Organized by

  • The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers - Manufacturing, Industrial & Systems (MIS) Division
  • The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers – Control, Automation and Instrumentation (CAI) Division
  • The IET Hong Kong Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Section MIES) Division
  • The IEEE – Product Safety Engineering Society, Hong Kong Chapter
  • The Institute of Measurement and Control, Hong Kong Section

Language:                 Cantonese with English Terminology

No of Participants:    100 persons

Fee:                           Free of charge

Enquiries:                  Ir Dr. Jimmy Li (email: jimmy.lichiho@gmail.com) and Ir Dr SL Mak (email: lunmak@gmail.com)


               I.                   Speaker

Prof HO Kin-chung, BBS, JP was the former Dean of School of Science & Technology and Ng Chun Man Professor in Environmental Science & Conservation of the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK). After retirement from OUHK, he established the Polar Research Institute of Hong Kong (PRIHK) and has served as Director of the Bauhinia Research Station in Svalbard Isles of the Arctic region. Because of his specialties and academic profile, he has been employed as Special-appointed Professor in the College of Marine Ecology and Environment of Shanghai Ocean University from May 2019. Moreover, he has been appointed as Honorary Professor in the Department of Geography of The University of Hong Kong since June 2019. He is also elected to be senior vice president of The Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology on January 2021.

II.                Abstract

In Hong Kong, about 2.71 million m3 of sewage is collected and treated every day. Proper and effective wastewater treatment is important to ensure that the treated effluent is environmentally safe for disposal. Nowadays, most domestic wastewater is treated by activated sludge (biological treatment) or chemical enhanced primary treatment (CEPT) technologies before discharged into open sea.  Yet, these technologies are energy consuming and are problematic for generating a great amount of sludge which requires for large piece of land for handling and disposal. Algal technology for treating wastewater contains the advantages of less operating cost and carbon-capturing due to the photosynthetic process of microalgae. Yet, how to reduce the land space occupation and batch-time period are major challenges. This talk will introduce new concepts in algal treatment and discuss the economic/environmental potentials of future development of algal technology.

III.             Target Audiences:

  • Members of IET HKIE, InstMC, HKAAST and IEEE
  • Industrialists, Entrepreneurs and person who work or have interest in water treatment
  • Students who are interested in the engineering and environmental science

Registration & Enquiries 

For details and registration, please visit the following website: Registration Link 





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