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Technical Seminar – When Artist Comes Across Engineering and Sciences

Date, time & venue

2019-03-09;10:00am - 12:00 noon;Chan Yat Mei Sophie Room – 9/F

Organized by

  • HKIE – Manufacturing and Industrial (MI) Division
  • Technology Incubation Network (TIN), HKSTP

Programme Highlights

Do you know “Water is a compressible fluid?”

Mr. Stanley Ko is a local famous film director, his movie works include “It's A Mad, Mad World III”《富貴再三逼人》 in 1989. He knew some incredible technical knowledge from a senior and experienced Korean computer expertise when he met him many years ago accidently. He was attracted by the ultimate sealing invention which the idea was initialized from the oldies mechanical computer system.

The seminar divides into two parts. Mr. Ko will share with us his own dramatically story in starting his engineering and science life for the first half. The second half, Mr. Ko will share with us his invention which is an almost friction-free metal seal. It is able to provide excellent static and dynamic sealing functions close to zero-leak performance under extreme temperatures from -180OC to 500OC, withstand acids and alkaline solutions, and deal with ultrahigh pressures up to 10,000 bar. This technology is compatible to existing machine systems It is particularly suitable for sealing hydraulic systems, piston pump systems, internal combustion systems, and any form of rotary machines that require sealing.



Stanley Ko, Chairman Neo Mechanics Limited and Director NM Media




Cantonese with English Terminology



Registration & Enquiries


This event is free of charge, prior registration is required.  The number of participants is limited to 80 and applications will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis. For registration, please enroll online via MI website at http://mi.hkie.org.hk Only successful applicants will be notified by email before 3rd March 2019.  For any queries, please contact Ir Dr Jackson Tang (email: jacksontang@gmail.com) or Ir Ritz LAU Ming Ho  (ritzlau@hotmail.com)





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