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   11/06/2021 Seminar Technical Webinar on “GIS Applications and Presentation in Smart City”
   01/06/2021 Seminar Data Discovery in Manufacturing and Logistics by Process Mining Technology
   06/05/2021 Seminar The 42nd Annual General Meeting of the Manufacturing, Industrial & Systems Division
   29/04/2021 Seminar Technical Webinar on “BIM Development and Trends in Hong Kong”
   26/03/2021 Seminar Webinar: Planning Your Organization’s Innovation Journey
   20/03/2021 Seminar CPD Webinar: The Deployment of Autonomous Delivery and Follow-Me Robotics During Outbreak of COVID-19 in Hong Kong.
   11/03/2021 Seminar Webinar – Applications of Algal Technologies in Sewage Treatment
   26/02/2021 Seminar CPD Webinar – Building Information Modelling (BIM) Opportunities
   01/02/2021 Seminar Webinar - AI in Reliability and Asset Management Smart and Big Data Systems
   09/01/2021 Seminar CPD Webinar on "How COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of VAR for training"
   18/12/2020 Seminar CPD Webinar – “Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS) - the Applications of Systems Engineering in Construction Industry”
   12/12/2020 Seminar SMART transformation - Road to Industry 4.0
   28/10/2020 Seminar Manufacturing, Industrial & Systems Annual Conference 2020 – Digital Transformation - Challenges and Opportunities for Engineering and Construction Industry
   28/10/2020 Social Manufacturing & Industrial (MI) Division Gala Dinner (Postponed)
   30/09/2020 Seminar Webinar on “"Exploring the realms of future Smart City career with AI, FinTech and Cloud technologies"”
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