Events / Activities

  Date Event Type Events
   25/05/2018 Seminar 2018 Symposium on Intelligent Asset Management for Smart Cities
   17/05/2018 Seminar Technical Seminar: Introduction of Circular Economy and how this business model creates values to stakeholders
   10/05/2018 Seminar Asia Quality Management Symposium 2018 Cum ISSC Annual Dinner
   27/04/2018 Seminar Young Engineer Program (YEP2017/18) Final Competition – “Redesign Power Plant for Next One Hundred Year”
   27/04/2018 Social MI Gala Dinner 2018
   20/04/2018 Seminar THE 39TH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM)
   20/04/2018 Seminar Technical Seminar: Innovative Problem Solving for Industrial Engineers
   14/04/2018 Seminar Technical Seminar on Jewelry Testing and Manufacturing Technology
   10/04/2018 Visit Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre (CITAC) Visit
   24/03/2018 Seminar Young Engineer Program (YEP2017/18) 1st Competition – “Redesign Power Plant for Next One Hundred Year”
   23/03/2018 Seminar “Introduction of remote-controlled cranes in Hong Kong’s container terminals”
   17/03/2018 Seminar Technical Seminar - Latest development of Security System 2018
   17/03/2018 Seminar AS9100: Quality Management System for the Aerospace Industry
   07/03/2018 Visit 西安科技(五天)交流團
   02/03/2018 Seminar A Life Itinerary: From Engineer to Fund Manager
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