Events / Activities

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   26/01/2018 Seminar Technical Seminar – Is “Non-Ionizing Radiation Surrounding You” a Problem?
   12/01/2018 Visit Technical visit to Han's Laser, Robot & Motors, Shenzhen China
   15/12/2017 Seminar Technical Seminar: Technical Challenges of OTT Service in Broadcasting Grade
   17/11/2017 Seminar Floating Point Gate Array (FPGA) application in Artificial Intelligence and the adoption into machinery cluster operation
   08/11/2017 Seminar Delivering an Inspiring STEM Education – A Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET) Perspective
   04/11/2017 Seminar Testing and Certification Day 2017
   27/10/2017 Seminar Metrology Symposium 2017 - New Development in Metrology - Redefinition of the SI
   20/10/2017 Seminar Initial Coin Offering (ICO) – A replacement for Engineering Contract’s Insurance and Performance Bonds
   06/10/2017 Seminar Future Manufacturing Now: Applications of Metal Additive Manufacturing Technology in Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Mold and Tooling Industries
   13/09/2017 Seminar "Technology for smart logistics: towards 2030+" conference
   12/08/2017 Seminar Technical Talk on Latest Development of Electronic Security System
   11/08/2017 Seminar When Electronics Meets Medical Science – A case study of biomedical research and development, from concept to business launch
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