Manufacturing is concerned with man-made tools, equipment, devices, materials, and energy. Everything, except that which is in its natural state, is a product of manufacturing process. Almost everything we use today is manufactured, such as the appliances in the home to make life more comfortable and enjoyable, the vehicles on the road to let people travel from one place to another more quickly and safely, etc.


Manufacturing engineering is that professional discipline which requires such education and experience necessary to understand, apply and control processes and methods of manufactured products at best quality and cost. It is concerned both with the economical use of technology and the management of resources and activities in an industrial environment.


Industrial engineering has many common aspects with Manufacturing engineering but it focuses more on system design and human behavior. It is concerned with the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems of men, materials and equipment. The industrial engineering techniques, such as facilities design, ergonomics, time and method study and various kind of productivity improvement techniques etc., can be applied not only in manufacturing process but also in service or business operations.